Baby Walking to The Mall

For the mothers and his baby who want go to mall, should select a
mall that acaeptable for baby. Namely, providing facilities, one of them has a nursery room (nursing room). because it has many shopping malls that provide it

Bringing for baby walk to the mall, can be a recreation, convenient and fun. In addition, the sensitivity could be to train the fine motor skills.
Before leaving, make preparations in advance, so that the walk went well. Anything?

Which must be in the bag baby:

1. Food and drinking of baby.
2. Clean shirt and pants. prepared change a dirty baby clothes
3. Hats, jackets and socks. Can be used as a protective head and body.
4. Tissues. Prepare the dry and wet paper to wipe hands and mouth to clean
5. Sweep the hand / towel dry. Able to clean the body of a toddler.
6. Diapers / pampers. it is Important
7. Place the dirt. Plastic bag or can special bag
8. Pallet Protector. Use a water resistant, as a base when you change baby diapers.
9. Equipment infants: handy cleaner, powder, mobile body and cologne.

Bring your instrument or a stroller carrying. Carry tools can be a long cloth (jarit) or a ready to use (sling). So that your hands can be used for other purposes such as carrying bags and so on. If you want to bring a stroller, bring a collapsible and lightweight. This will allow you time to walk. Babies will also broader view.

Select the appropriate time. Choose a time the roads, which does not interfere with infant sleep schedule. Besides making your baby uncomfortable to sleep in the crowd, you will be overwhelmed to carry on. This may be overcome if we have a stroller that could be a temporary bed. Also make sure the baby's stomach is not empty, because the mother shopping fun.

When Shopping. Purchase critical needs first, and do not forget to write them down. If the infant / toddler you are able to walk, teach about different kinds of goods and usefulness. Do not forget to keep watching to not be separated from your view. We recommend that you select the shopping cart that provides a seat for a toddler, so she can still enjoy a walk around tired though. Always check the condition of his clothes, if it is wet with sweat, immediately replace with new ones, so as not to catch cold, do not forget to spread oil telon.


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