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Choosing the business of instant coffee at mall is the right choice, because the mall is a place visited by many people of all ages. Drinking of coffee instant in general can be enjoyed at any time, un-like other food diet especially in the mall. We can enjoy a coffee and see people that busy for shopping. Besides the mall and the plaza is a place that is easy to find the address it, that is suitable for the businessman who will hold to meeting or other important discussions.

Therefore, the coffee business opportunities fast food and no death benefit will get many money, opportunities to open a business coffee break be targeted the young businessman.

This business is also classified as simple and not need require large capital. Only with a cool place and a any servicer who responded this business can run with lancer.

This note harud thing in this business is another antarala:
1. Place/store: takes the place clean and cool for those who will hold important talks with the talks concentration

2. Cleanliness: very clean and the scenery in need, so while enjoying the coffee that person can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and the natural impression 

3. Servicer: fast service will make guests addictive

4. Smoking room, not hurt us to provide especially smoking room, because the coffee is usually friends with cigarettes.
For other businesses that are related to business in the mall business, please read the article at malls and plazas or beauty business to business opportunities please body care business


  1. aku punya rencana pengen buka warung kopi juga.. bener kalo bisnis kopi itu untuk young businessman, tapi omzet perhari rata2 warung kopi di aceh bisa sampe puluhan juta perharinya lo.

  2. oh a starbuck right?? nice i like coffe especially indonesian coffe but not to much suggar,

  3. coffe saya suka tuh,,apalagi capucino..mantap deh

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    juga deh..
    nich blognya :

    saya Tunggu ya sohib baru ku !

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  8. i like coffe..but now, i must bedrest of coffe, my tooth is sick :D

  9. thanks dah comment di blogku..
    coffe mau donk....

  10. coffee....? somekind delicious drink, i like it and my favorite. gud business.....

  11. thanks...for eka jahe

  12. enak nih...
    enak ga ya nelpon drive trhu buat mesen kopi ..
    kayaknya enak dah minum kopy malem ini.. nemenin blogging walking..
    salam kenal dan salam hangat dari blogger Bali
    izin follow juga yach...

  13. saya sering juga minum kopi

  14. terimakasih share-nya.
    bermanfaat bagi saya.coffie memang cocok dikembangkan dalam dunia bisnis.karena semakin banyak pengguna / konsumsi.


  15. Wah boleh juga tuh kalo punya Modal Gede dan Buka di Supermarket.. ato kalo modal pas2an, bisa buka HIk... hehehhee

  16. @khatam, andipeace, sunarnosahlan, radhitya notes for all thank's

  17. Salam kenal. Salam persahabatan. keep bloging n saling bantu ya...

  18. wach pada ngomongin bisnis nich..
    ngembangin bisnis kopi lewat internet aja biar omsetnya meledak..

    ditunggu komen baliknya sob..

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  21. yupp... sama ajah kaya warkop yang dipinggir jalan kan?

  22. Bunga senyum2 di sini, sambil ngopi pake cream. Very nice info sob!

  23. Kopi selalu mak nyossssssss...... kikiki......


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