Opportunities T-Shirt Garuda at Mall and Plaza

AFF football game which is now entering the final round, is a great moment that can not be forgotten just like that, especially for Indonesian peoples, who have just completed the match between Indonesia vs Philippines with the Republic of Indonesia national team the winner, this moment was a blessing for all elements of society. Many traders who made a profit of more than event this AFF. 

It's true in every big moment then there are groups in profitable, in this case the most the most disadvantaged are the players. therefore from the business side of the attributes of the players who will make history for the Indonesian winner a separate business. This is supported by the enthusiasm of Indonesian society that the current population of 250 million people.

Republican national team shirts bearing the garuda Indonesia which is currently intensively hunted by soccer lovers Republic of Indonesia. These sales gains of some news that we can release the media both electronic and print media have increased by 300 percent. This increase is the increase which is fantastic.


Business Services in malls and plazas

In the decade this year many people busy with his works, so as to meet the needs something may not be done alone, especially those associated with field services, such as certificates of land affairs, car insurance, credit cards, loans and other debts. In addition to the reasons busy, there are also some other reasons such as not knowing the procedure, not intense and less patient in the care of the procedures to be in the pass, etc.

Now, businesses in the form of services and service maintenance of the securities has not been much done in malls and plazas, but this business has opportunities that can generate big profits. Because each person must require the services of the management letter or affairs of a legal nature. That means the service is one of man's need to maintain the necessities of life, business segment in services means the same as any other business of business, just not much there at the mall or plaza


Effect of mall and plaza for business

Mall and the plaza is the destination for buyers to make ends meet, because it is an opportunity here the circulation of money is very tight and fast. therefore the circulation of money in malls and plazas are very fast and tight. Bussiness man must get capitalize on these opportunities well.

Because mall or plaza is shopping center for then, plaza’s and mall’s also have an important influence on market share. Among those who made the appeal of shopping malls and plazas are as follows:

Location: a strategic location will affect the attraction for buyers. The location is good for the mall were in a big way which connects two major cities or the center of the city or people, where malls and plazas can be accessed be easy.

The design, the layout of malls and plazas shall be in accordance with current trends, unique design is more favored by visitors. As with a garden in the mall, a playground, outdoor cafe and others, so that visitors can reminisce and build some memories memories ever experienced in his time.

Interior color, color has effect to the psychological influence for invite visitors. With color, it is expected that everyone can build a forgotten memory

Parking area, convenient parking lot will make visitors feel comfortable and secure in his vehicle left.

Goods are sold, the goods sold should be complete in accordance with our needs in everyday situations, body care, herbal medicine and clothing, such as boutique, or snacks for the visitors who took the children and adults, such as ice cream, etc.