Effect of mall and plaza for business

Mall and the plaza is the destination for buyers to make ends meet, because it is an opportunity here the circulation of money is very tight and fast. therefore the circulation of money in malls and plazas are very fast and tight. Bussiness man must get capitalize on these opportunities well.

Because mall or plaza is shopping center for then, plaza’s and mall’s also have an important influence on market share. Among those who made the appeal of shopping malls and plazas are as follows:

Location: a strategic location will affect the attraction for buyers. The location is good for the mall were in a big way which connects two major cities or the center of the city or people, where malls and plazas can be accessed be easy.

The design, the layout of malls and plazas shall be in accordance with current trends, unique design is more favored by visitors. As with a garden in the mall, a playground, outdoor cafe and others, so that visitors can reminisce and build some memories memories ever experienced in his time.

Interior color, color has effect to the psychological influence for invite visitors. With color, it is expected that everyone can build a forgotten memory

Parking area, convenient parking lot will make visitors feel comfortable and secure in his vehicle left.

Goods are sold, the goods sold should be complete in accordance with our needs in everyday situations, body care, herbal medicine and clothing, such as boutique, or snacks for the visitors who took the children and adults, such as ice cream, etc.