Holiday in the Mall

holiday is an important moment for every businessman who has stand in the plaza or mall, because the holiday many people supplement their needs at this time when holidays, ranging from office equipment, house hold, bath equipment, etc. or who simply want to enjoy the culinary and refreshing.

Every mall has increased visitors on holidays. Therefore he who does not like the sight line and so forth should reconsider his holiday events. But with long queues of our holiday even more memorable.

hence many malls that provide a variety of surprise events example music, magic of play or other attractions. For visitors, the holiday tradition has become perhaps even the whole in world.

After working feel tired, my family go to the mall for recreation because in the mall available place toy’s play, all vacations between the children to play there, feel so good .. although did not have much money but we are comforted because it can deliver my son to the mall.


Saudi Arabia's Shopping Mall

The Saudi apparel retail industry is one of the high-growth markets in the Arab region especially in the women and children segments. The apparel business grew rapidly over the last several years as people became more fashion-oriented. The growth in the sector is attributed to high young population and increasing purchasing power in the backdrop of recent economic boom. Growth of this sector is evidenced by the growth of fashion retailers. In fact according to Colliers International, Riyadh has 2.5 million square meters of gross leasable shopping mall space in Riyadh versus 1.1 million in Jeddah and 1.7 million in Dubai as of 2007.

Considering the clothing style in Saudi Arabia, men mostly wear the traditional white thobes along with the red shemaghs. Women on the other hand, wear the black abayas and tarhas for everyday use. Despite the fact that all women wear the traditional Abaya on top of their clothes, underneath the abaya, Western dress is most common. Western dress is adopted more by the younger Saudi generation outside school. Non-Saudi adults usually wear the Western dress code.

The market for apparel sales in Saudi Arabia are made up of varied products not representing global brands in addition to unbranded items, which are generally imported from Asia. However, with the maturing of the market, there has been a shift towards branded apparel sold through international retail chains. Sales of braded apparels are estimated to be around 25 to 30 per cent of total apparel sales. Its share continues to increase as evidenced by the expansion of the number of outlets and the number of malls specialised in international retail chains.

The market share of branded apparel has witnessed a steady increase in the last decade due to changes in consumer tastes and converging global fashion trends. Saudi consumers have become increasingly sophisticated, demonstrating brand awareness and brand loyalty, demanding quality service and value for money and carefully looking out for new product lines from their preferred brands.

Saudi Arabian Apparel market is heavily reliant on imports especially when it comes to fabric, cloth, accessories and ready-made Western style clothes. These imports come from all over the world depending on price range and quality. There is a noticeable distinction and a clear line between the high-end and low-end types of clothes. European and American clothes are usually classified as high-end and targeted towards the upper social class, whereas, garments imported from the Far East especially from China offers much lower prices and quality and is geared towards the lower social class, which represents the largest section of the pie. Saudi manufacturers, on the other hand, mainly supply military uniforms and traditional abayas.

Apparel outlets in Saudi Arabia range from exclusive boutiques carrying true haute couture and top international designer labels to souq stalls. In Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is currently the largest market for retail apparel in Saudi Arabia accounting for around 40 per cent of total apparel sales, and is followed by Jeddah at around 30 per cent and Dammam and Khobar at around 20 per cent. The growing presence of international branded apparel in these big cities has contributed to growth in branded apparel sector.

Jeddah is larger on the mid-tier due to the large number of pilgrims it receives during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, while Riyadh being more important for the top end of the market due to the presence of a larger base of wealthier consumers.

Dammam/Khobar comes in the third place, although it does gain some seasonal importance during Hajj and Umrah seasons when pilgrims coming from Bahrain and Kuwait stop over for shopping on their way back form the pilgrimage. Though going forward the smaller cities are expected to grow at a higher rate, the larger cities like Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam will continue to contribute bulk of the sales.


Business Parking Area

The increase in parking area off the road charges in Jakarta this time to hot discussion now. With the reasons that the increase in parking rates is aimed at changing mind stream the public of Jakarta to reduce the intensive use of private vehicles into the center of Jakarta city’s, in order to minimize congestion in the city-self.

The supervisory policy is always have to checked several parking area’s in Jakarta. And intensively every day watching him. With this regulation is likely to have a major influence on bussinessman parking area in the city-self.

But, if we all believed that this is part of a way to minimize congestion there, apparently there is still a big question this problem. However, hopefully this is an effective way to reduce congestion that occurs at this time.

Zoning tariff parking area at Jakarta will distinguish between the rates of which were parked in the center located in the outskirts of Jakarta, parking rates at the center of the city more expensive compared with the suburbs.

With this rule, would have its own impact for bussinessman in the mall parking and plaza in the city. Therefore, for the bussinessman parking areas throughout at mall and plaza should be repeated for calculating profits.

For the visitors to mall and plaza important parking area for vehicles we need safety from and service properly. What does it mean cheaper prices if you do not give comfort when we are shopping in a mall or plaza. And one thing we want with the order and good service from the parking lot.


Business herbal medicine

Chemical drugs have negative effects in body but it is drug in need to treat disesse. Because of that factor , there are many peoples choose herbal medice and alternative treatments as a solution for the treatment in the body. Business not yet found in many malls and plaza, these drugs actually used in a small store in a village or choose a special somewhere place.

Mall and Plaza is a place that brings many visitors every day here, so the likelihood of success of herbal medicine business in the mall and the plaza is opened.

the reality if we are looking for alternative treatments and herbal medicine in the mall and plaza rarely in found, if found in mall and plaza not complete. Therefore, for who do business in this area please concentrate our self to open herbal store of medicine and treatment


Competation in bussiness

With many big malls that grew up around us life, the businessman of small make more competitive, because the people most happy to shopping at Malls than in small shops.

There are several reasons why people be happy shopping in a big mall and plaza than shopping to small store. the mall include more comprehensive and good provide for taste without have to ask, at mall quick service and accurate, air conditioner to cooling, clean and secure quality of property it.

In the mall provide a more variety of executive class. Of the various reasons that allow small shops increasingly unable to competitation, the negative implications will make a lot of unemployment because businessesmsn that small capital would be threatened closing.
To increase the productivity for our domestic financial, we have to choose a unique production which not found in big malls. That's the only way to attract visitor to our store.

The fate of the small businessman moreover increasingly miserable minimarket many who grow at the village people. There should be certain limits by considering the distance and many populations, and there are special rules to plain this merchandise for small businessman wich not prepare of ready to competitation with businessman as class malls and plazas

Business residential

A good idea to listen to a business that rarely found by other people, I've met someone who has a rather strange profession of selling the business that occupied the house. They are looking for a house to be occupied and diremovasi then seek a buyer to buy his house in occupied it while preparing to buy a house someone else who is ready to sell.

The house has been bought and renovated later on, perhaps more accurately to as nomads their of modern era. This profession is permissible but very unique and rare people who do business like this. Was this done out of necessity or accident we all do not know, but it is very risky for the echoes.

I believe that to sell the house may be easier, because the day has increased population of growth, in other words the more people who need a place to live, but if buying a house easy to sell, this business only that know it. What if we also try to do business plaza and mall?


Parking Area in the Mall

The big parking area and good have a big impact on the attractiveness for visitor to malls and plazas, visitors will feel safe and comfortable with car an motorcycle was parked at time the shop.

this time area parking in the mall and plaza in big cities have been equipped with CCTV camera's for control, therefore the possible loss of car and motorcycles be so minimal. until now the parking of motorcycle is very far from shopping center in plaza.

Location for a mall parking lot is a good area with strict supervision, quick service and the visitors can comfortably. mall have'nt much place in a shopping center in the mall. The concept motorcycle of parking to shopping, this is not implemented properly in the more malls we have ever encountered, so that in urgent circumstances such as rain or needs to buy goods that are clear and did not take long just to park a vehicle requires a long time.

Good parking is ample parking in the courtyard of the mall, and along with automated tools to check the vehicle. Unfortunately things like this are expected not exist. Perhaps the reason is because of parking sometimes takes place big area, that the width exceeds the extent of the mall.


Mall and Plaza

Mall and the plaza is the most suitable place to transactions of trade at modern era. The shopping mall not specific to the bourgeoisie but the proletariat has also become here, a habit to shop at the mall, buy fashion, home furnishings cosmetics, electronics and various other daily needs.

Once upon a time went to Mall is the work of people bourgeoisie but currently only the proletariat to the mall or shopping at plaza familiar. maybe this is what is called the global era between people bourgeoisie and people proletariat has the same habits depend on the capital he has.

This way means that will encourage people to be individualistic, materialistic and consumerist. this will be dangerous if not in Balance with the progress of productive value for each individuals. With high productivity value of one's income will increase so that people's purchasing power although remain high well conditioned in accordance with the income he achieved.