Business Parking Area

The increase in parking area off the road charges in Jakarta this time to hot discussion now. With the reasons that the increase in parking rates is aimed at changing mind stream the public of Jakarta to reduce the intensive use of private vehicles into the center of Jakarta city’s, in order to minimize congestion in the city-self.

The supervisory policy is always have to checked several parking area’s in Jakarta. And intensively every day watching him. With this regulation is likely to have a major influence on bussinessman parking area in the city-self.

But, if we all believed that this is part of a way to minimize congestion there, apparently there is still a big question this problem. However, hopefully this is an effective way to reduce congestion that occurs at this time.

Zoning tariff parking area at Jakarta will distinguish between the rates of which were parked in the center located in the outskirts of Jakarta, parking rates at the center of the city more expensive compared with the suburbs.

With this rule, would have its own impact for bussinessman in the mall parking and plaza in the city. Therefore, for the bussinessman parking areas throughout at mall and plaza should be repeated for calculating profits.

For the visitors to mall and plaza important parking area for vehicles we need safety from and service properly. What does it mean cheaper prices if you do not give comfort when we are shopping in a mall or plaza. And one thing we want with the order and good service from the parking lot.


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