Competation in bussiness

With many big malls that grew up around us life, the businessman of small make more competitive, because the people most happy to shopping at Malls than in small shops.

There are several reasons why people be happy shopping in a big mall and plaza than shopping to small store. the mall include more comprehensive and good provide for taste without have to ask, at mall quick service and accurate, air conditioner to cooling, clean and secure quality of property it.

In the mall provide a more variety of executive class. Of the various reasons that allow small shops increasingly unable to competitation, the negative implications will make a lot of unemployment because businessesmsn that small capital would be threatened closing.
To increase the productivity for our domestic financial, we have to choose a unique production which not found in big malls. That's the only way to attract visitor to our store.

The fate of the small businessman moreover increasingly miserable minimarket many who grow at the village people. There should be certain limits by considering the distance and many populations, and there are special rules to plain this merchandise for small businessman wich not prepare of ready to competitation with businessman as class malls and plazas

Business residential

A good idea to listen to a business that rarely found by other people, I've met someone who has a rather strange profession of selling the business that occupied the house. They are looking for a house to be occupied and diremovasi then seek a buyer to buy his house in occupied it while preparing to buy a house someone else who is ready to sell.

The house has been bought and renovated later on, perhaps more accurately to as nomads their of modern era. This profession is permissible but very unique and rare people who do business like this. Was this done out of necessity or accident we all do not know, but it is very risky for the echoes.

I believe that to sell the house may be easier, because the day has increased population of growth, in other words the more people who need a place to live, but if buying a house easy to sell, this business only that know it. What if we also try to do business plaza and mall?