Business Ice Cream

The Business ice cream in the mall and plaza have a big profit opportunities, because the more people like it Children to adult. Mall and plaza to sell these products is the choice of the perfect place, more people visit here to meet the need daily life.

There are several things that make the business ice cream in the shopping center coveted commodity businessman, among others:

The business it didn’t need Place a widely. only need simple place to sell such products or something store. Not the same as the sale of food in generally, because they can eat ice cream while walking to shopping at this mall

Does not required many employees, in principle this business does not require many employees, only one or two people can be served alone

Machine practice, ice cream making machine is very practical and inexpensive. With this tool so that the production of ice cream is guaranteed to work fine as expected

This business opportunity suitable for tropical climate regions such as Indonesia. Simple packaging to consume it, especially holiday in the mall