Parking Area in the Mall

The big parking area and good have a big impact on the attractiveness for visitor to malls and plazas, visitors will feel safe and comfortable with car an motorcycle was parked at time the shop.

this time area parking in the mall and plaza in big cities have been equipped with CCTV camera's for control, therefore the possible loss of car and motorcycles be so minimal. until now the parking of motorcycle is very far from shopping center in plaza.

Location for a mall parking lot is a good area with strict supervision, quick service and the visitors can comfortably. mall have'nt much place in a shopping center in the mall. The concept motorcycle of parking to shopping, this is not implemented properly in the more malls we have ever encountered, so that in urgent circumstances such as rain or needs to buy goods that are clear and did not take long just to park a vehicle requires a long time.

Good parking is ample parking in the courtyard of the mall, and along with automated tools to check the vehicle. Unfortunately things like this are expected not exist. Perhaps the reason is because of parking sometimes takes place big area, that the width exceeds the extent of the mall.