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Chemical drugs have negative effects in body but it is drug in need to treat disesse. Because of that factor , there are many peoples choose herbal medice and alternative treatments as a solution for the treatment in the body. Business not yet found in many malls and plaza, these drugs actually used in a small store in a village or choose a special somewhere place.

Mall and Plaza is a place that brings many visitors every day here, so the likelihood of success of herbal medicine business in the mall and the plaza is opened.

the reality if we are looking for alternative treatments and herbal medicine in the mall and plaza rarely in found, if found in mall and plaza not complete. Therefore, for who do business in this area please concentrate our self to open herbal store of medicine and treatment


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  4. semoga sukses mas. herbal lebih baik dari pada kimia.

  5. bisnis herbal ya sob..semoga obat yg herbal juga bisa menjadi pengganti dari obat kimia...

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  7. wah saya gak tau nih tentang pengobatan herbal, apalagi bisnisnya.. tp ni artikel bagus sekali sngat bermanfaat bg yg membutuhkannya.. :D

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